Holy Wood Salve

Holy Wood Salve


The perfect remedy for healing your dry working hands, our Holy Wood Salve is hand poured right here in house and formulated from the purest all natural ingredients. Texas Cedarwood and the South American Holy Wood, Palo Santo, create a warm and woody aroma as well as promoting cell rejuvenation and healing in the skin. A key goal in the formulation of our salve was to create something we could use in the leather studio to heal our hands, but wouldn't leave them sticky or greasy, so we chose only ultra moisturizing oils that had the highest skin absorption rates. 

Palo Santo is a sacred tree to many in South America and is used for its medicinal and spiritual qualities. Its branches can only be harvested when the tree sheds them naturally, so no trees are ever cut down to be used for their lumber, or for the making of our essential oil. Our Salve also makes an excellent Beard Balm and Solid Cologne. Seriously, we used this stuff for everything. Do yourself a favor and pick up a jar, you'll thank us later.

-Notes of Palo Santo and Texas Cedarwood

-All Natural Ingredients

-Fast absorbing formula

-Hand Poured in our shop in Michigan, USA


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