Hand Braided Bolo

Hand Braided Bolo


Look up a picture of any classic country singer and chances are, he's wearing a bolo. Your grandfather probably owned a few, and now its your turn. Our Bolos are hand braided one at a time from Horween Leather's Natural Chromexcel Horsehide, fitted with a hand cut and hand stitched Brown Chromexcel leather slide to adjust to fit any neck size. Each bolo is finished off with solid raw brass ends, or Aglets as they're known in the world of Bolos (Is there a world of Bolos?). It's the perfect way to add interest and class to any wardrobe, and is a great substitute to the same ol' boring neck tie routine. Wear this with a suit and we guarantee people will notice. Perhaps the best part of this piece is that its perfectly suited for both men or women, so everyone can make their grandpa proud.

-Hand Braided Horween Natural Chromexcel Horsehide Leather Band

-Hand Cut and Stitched Brown Horween Chromexcel Leather Slide

-Raw Brass End Accents

-Ritza 25 Poly Tiger Thread

-Handmade in The USA

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