African Indigo Cotton Scarf

African Indigo Cotton Scarf


The country of Mali in North Western Africa is known for its beautiful hand woven Cotton Textiles and Natural Dying techniques. These Indigo Dyed Scarves are made from larger woven blankets or throws from the region which we carefully dissect to turn into wearable objects. Each scarf is slightly different, but shares a similar tone and shade of medium indigo blue. With time and wear the natural Indigo will fade and crock leaving a beautiful patina that is unique to its user. The hand woven cotton is washed and incredibly soft. As we know, Indigo just goes with everything, so we doubt you'll ever take this thing off.

CARE- Due to the hand woven nature of these scarves, we recommend washing rarely. If washing is necessary, we suggest doing so by hand with a gentle detergent and line drying.

-Vintage Hand Woven and Indigo Dyed African Textile

-Horween Natural Chromexcel Horsehide Tag

-62" long x 10.5" wide

-Woven in Mali, Hand Altered by us in the USA  

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