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honesty. integrity. trust.

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who we are


Our story began in a modest saddle and farm implement supply in the heart of the North Woods of Michigan. Samuel grew up like most young men of his time - with a deep connection to the great pines around him, to his family, and to a code of Honor and Ethics as strong as the plow steel that cut through his native soil. Summers spent casting flies waist deep in the sacred waters of his beloved Au Sable River, learning the trade of his father and grandfathers before him, and dreaming of the bright future that he would build with the sweat and toil of his own hands. When duty called, Samuel gave his all for the land of Liberty that he loved. His comrades knew him as a man of great resolve, and bravery - earning him the nickname Samuel Brave, one that would stay with him the rest of his days.

His legacy is one both epic and familiar - one that we are deeply proud of, and that we hope you too may connect with. That through that connection to the past, to the great men and women who shaped our history, that we may strive to fulfill the age old ideals of Honesty, Integrity and Trust - and restore the value of our word with a simple handshake.

Our products are inspired by the places and land that we love - Samuels beloved Streams and forests of Northern Michigan, the Great soaring plains of the central states, the jagged and snowcapped peaks of the American West - each one holds a unique place in our soul, a deep connection that cannot be spoken or understood, only felt. It is in these places that our souls are filled with the unspeakable glory of the simplest of things - the first rays of sunlight peering over rolling hills, the feeling of a gentle stream flowing around you as you cast in a four count rhythm, the smell of pine and fiery red and gold leaves beneath your feet - each perhaps, a glimpse at how life was truly meant to be.   

It is to Samuel and all those who share in his ideals that we dedicate our time. We seek to honor them through the products that we craft every day. Useful objects, built one at a time to serve its owner with unmatched quality and dependability. Whether an everyday carry for work or recreation, or at use in the field, where nothing but the best can pass the test of mother nature, our products are built to be unfailing. From material sourcing to equipment and machinery used in the crafting process, no detail is overlooked in giving you the most dependable products. U.S. tanned leathers, corrosion free solid brass and nickel hardware and Fine Linen and Nylon Threads from century old family run factories are just some of what you can expect from any product bearing our seal.

Our goods are build to serve its user for a lifetime, and if any such good should fail to meet that standard, our no questions asked Lifetime Guarantee will ensure that your product is repaired and returned to you at no cost. 

Thats a guarantee that you can count on - you have our word.

Now lets shake on it.