KAIZEN Collection

Japanese Design, American Made. Our tribute to those who remembered our history when we had long forgotten it. 


Heritage Collection

Every product, from start to finish, cut and crafted by our hands. The objects sure to become tried and true staples of your everyday carry. Built from the finest American Tanned Leathers, and engineered for a lifetime of service.


Legacy Collection

Each piece Hand Cut and Saddle Stitched by hand from one single piece of the finest quality American tanned leathers. The intersection of Intelligent Design and the highest level of American Craftsmanship. We're proud for these products to be our lasting Legacy, and we hope you will be too.


Care Products

When you make an investment in a quality product, priority number one is to care for it. Our care products are all formulated and hand pour in house, and are meant to keep our goods as well as ourselves in prime condition.



We all need something special that fits into our day to day style. No worries, we've got you covered. Unique, handmade, one at a time. Cause nothing good ever came easy, and something can't be special if it wasn't a labor of love.



Recovered Heritage

Our Recovered Heritage Collection is an ongoing project of re-crafted and recovered objects for the home that tell the story of an American Heritage of Craft and Quality. Vintage and Antique Household objects made by American Companies of the past, lovingly remade in our studio to elevate them from once forgotten objects to true heirloom pieces to pass on for generations.


"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

-Henry Ford



We're proud to stand behind each and every product that we craft. It sure makes it easy to, since we know that each and every piece that leaves our workshop is given the utmost care in craftsmanship and quality, and is assembled using the finest materials we can get our hands on. That's why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all products. If there is ever an issue, a question or concern about your goods, please don't hesitate to contact us. As always, repairs to any S. Brave product bearing our trademark is free for life. Thats just how we do business around here. 


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